Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Secret Key Activator Review by Ingrid

The “Secret Key Activator” is a phenomena right under our very noses.
Although many people will view this book as simply entertainment, nothing can be further from the truth. Designed purposely for the average person to understand and only the very wise will see its hidden complex origins.
The “Secret Key Activator” is really the holly grail to “The Secret” and to the “Law of Attraction” which indecently is highly credited in the beginning chapters. “The Secret Key Activator” is really one large “Sigil” taken from the powerful Kabbalah. Why is it described as a geometric code? Because that’s exactly what it is, a sequence of vibration codes that has a meaning to the subconscious mind when viewed up on. What the exact meaning to this powerful Sigil is not exactly known, but it is believed to empower your thoughts and ideas to bubble past the 7 layers of your consciousness, where the manifestation levels take place and reach the top layer of your final awareness stage. Remember everything is vibration, everything manifests into a 3D picture when the sequence of these vibration number codes are decoded in our brains it gives us a picture. What we see depends on these codes. The codes all have this “666” pattern incorporated in them. (Oh gees where have I heard this before? Oh yes it’s the Devil) No this is cutting edge science please see the documentary on U-tube The Holographic Universe to get an idea.
So what this “Secret Key Activator” is actually doing is connecting your vibration frequencies (your thought, wants, needs ECT) with other matching frequencies and thus making the Law of Attraction, attract at a much cleaner and stronger level.
Also in the book it shows you how to incorporate other powerful sigils into a vision book. Sigils are used in advertising without us even knowing? We are living in one big
Sigil. There planting there own ideas and realities into us through this sigil advertising
Let’s start planting the ideas and the realities of what we really want.
Moving on to that private secret for attracting love,lust or just sexual partners.
It all has to do withVibrations ect ect... When there is arousal
your thoughts multiply, your visions become stronger, and law of attraction becomes stronger. Imagine in a more complex ritual with a lot of people thinking the same thing? Wow you can re- shape the world…
Now last but not least the Shamanic thought form shield. What the hell is that kindergarten picture of a shield you may ask? Again nothing can be further from the truth, look up thought forms on the net cause this is really complicated to explain.
That childish so called shield is actually well designed and those lines and colors have
Hidden complex meanings please look up http://www.leaderbaker.com/ for a more detailed explanation.
In summery I think this E-book is the Holy Grail to empowering “The Secret” amongst other things. I really think it entertaining as well. You also get a free CD with some great meditation ritual music for $29.99 Get the phenomena that’s sweeping the world today at http://www.thesecretkeyactivator.com/
Signed: INGRID
P.S please forgive my English it’s not my native tongue.